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JBQ Resources

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JJBQ Manual

JBQ Manual
Packed with information to quickly help you start and maintain a great Junior Bible Quiz program. Includes helps for coaches, coordinators, officials, and parents, with several reproducible pages. Also features segments on awards programs, fund- raising, non-buzzer quizzing, Pee-Wee Quiz, and much more. Loose-leaf.

JBQ Manual 020769
Bible Fact-Pak

Bible Fact-Pak
We all want to help kids plant God’s Word inside their hearts, and the Bible Fact-Pak makes it fun and easy. Use the Bible Fact-Pak in upper elementary Sunday School classes, start a Bible Fact-Pak club, or give the Paks as gifts to your students. Your students will gain knowledge and confidence as they discover more about the Bible. This innovative Scripture memorization tool features 576 diverse questions covering people, places, events, and teachings of the Bible.

Bible Fact Pack     177772
Bible Fact-Pak Audio CD

Bible Fact-Pak Audio CD
Got a child who learns best by listening? Need a tool kids can use on their own? All 576 questions and answers of the Bible Fact-Pak come on this set of three professionally recorded CDs, one for each point level. Children listen to questions, provide their answer during a two-second pause, and then hear a child give the correct one. There are generally five questions per track allowing kids to more easily rewind or fast forward to the questions they need to review.

Bible Fact Pack CD 281032
Bible Fact-Pak Games & Activities

Bible Fact-Pak Games & Activities Book
Over 200 games, activities, and crafts bring memorable fun and excitement to Scripture learning when combined with the Bible Fact-Pak cards. Flexible for groups and individuals, The Bible Fact-Pak Games and Activities includes an index for quick referencing. Paper.

Bible Fact-Pak Games & Activities Book 020765
NIV Study Guide

Bible Fact-Pak Study Guide
Make kids’ Scripture memorization quicker than ever with the Bible Fact-Pak Study Guide. Every question and answer from the best-selling Bible Fact-Pak is organized numerically and alphabetically to better study the interrupt points for Junior Bible Quiz.

Bible Fact-Pak Study Guide 020762
Official Quiz Guidelines

JBQ Official Quiz Guidelines
Know the official details of JBQ. Includes rules, procedures, penalties, various duties of officials, glossary of terms, and pronunciation guide. 3-hole punched.

Now available as a free Download

Bible Master Award Program

Bible Master Award Program
The Bible Master Award Program is an excellent way to recognize your kids' hard efforts in mastering the Bible Fact-Pak questions and answers. Package includes ten certificates with 3 sets of 10 seals for the Discoverer, Searcher, and Achiever mastery levels, and an instruction sheet.

Bible Master Award Program 065203
JBQ Tally Sheet

JBQ Tally Sheet
Tally the results of your student's progress on this reference chart. Download this FREE PDF and print as many as you need!

FREE! Download the JBQ Tally Sheet
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