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National JBQ Festival

2015 National JBQ Festival

The 2015 National JBQ Festival theme is "Celebrate the Sacrifice"

The Festival will be held in Naperville, Illinois, and is being hosted by Calvary Church. 

Dates: June 11-13, 2015

  • All Hotels next year MUST be booked through the National Festival
  • State Champions must register before date posted on the Web Site
  • Regional qualifiers must register by date posted on the Web Site, then at-large teams will be announced

For more information, and a list of past Festival winners, visit the National Festival web site:

How Can My Team Qualify for the National Festival?

The National JBQ Festival has grown to such a size that it has become necessary to make adjustments in team qualification procedures. It has always been a goal to use the JBQ Regional tournaments as the key qualifier for the National Festival. With more regions now hosting an official regional competition, this goal has become possible.

With this in mind, the festival committee has set the qualifying standards listed below.

  • Each district first place team (winner of the district / state championship) will automatically qualify to participate at the National Festival.

  • Should the top team be unable to attend, the district coordinator may select the next qualified team to fill that position.

  • Each region will qualify 5 additional teams along with the top district team.

  • We recommend that the top 4 JBQ teams from each district be invited to the Regional Competition. (As mentioned, the district first place team will automatically be invited to attend the festival.)

  • The other three district teams may earn a spot at the National Festival by being one of the top 5 regional teams that have not already qualified as a district / state top team. (If one of those teams is unable to attend, the regional coordinator will give that spot to the next qualified team.)

Please note the following:

  • This permits each region to sponsor a total of 5 regional teams plus 1 top team per district to attend the National Festival. All teams qualifying must be from one of the districts within that region.

  • Registrations are on a first come, first serve basis, with the maximum number of 75 teams accepted for participation by the May 5, 2015 deadline.

  • To ensure fairness to all regions, we are recommending that all JBQ Regional tournaments take place on or before the first weekend of May.

How can I register for the National Festival?

  • You can register for the National Festival by logging onto the National Festival web site at

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